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Rendez-vous with Estee Lauder's CEO

Fabrizio Freda speaks at the Newsmaker Forum, organized by CEW & everyone listens carefully.

"I've never been listened to by so many women before." Fabrizio Freda, CEO at Estee Lauder since 2008, is a charming man. And one who knows how to steer a company to success even in challenging times.

How to deal with dark circles?

Or: Some ad ideas work, others don't. Like this one.

You don't have to deal with dark circles under your eyes. Just cover them with a thick layer of dark paint!

Dear Bremenn Lab people. I think your ad agency snuck this idea in for a laugh. They didn't expect you to actually approve it. 

(Found this in my on-board shopping guide. And it amused me nearly as much as the "Macadamia Nut Scrub" that Allure magazine recommended as the perfect Christmas gift in December. I still think the perfect tagline for that one is "For the gentlemen who really grooms everywhere")

The year should start with art! (Tim Burton)

That's what I thought -- and went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Boy! Good luck getting into this exhibit. The MoMa staff seem to slap their "Tim Burton sold out for today" note on the signs every day.

The year should start with art! (Bauhaus)

That's what I thought -- and went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Before you get all sad about getting turned away at the Tim Burton section you should just take the escalators up to the top floor and enjoy what is a pretty fantastic exhibition on the Bauhaus movement.

The year should start with art!

That's what I thought -- and went to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

I loved the piece below. It's on MoMa's second floor with all the super-contemporary works from the last decade. -- As usual, the name of the artist has escaped me. But the image stayed with me and not just because I snapped a photo of it.

The birch trees' texture is made with clippings from books and articles and if you look closely you see faces where the leaves are. I love it!

Let's try not be someone who can't see the forest for the trees.

2009 -- Looking back

Wow, what a year! Here are the facts about the year at COPYGOLD.

It's really been an exciting year here at COPYGOLD. And as "to blog" means "to not forget," here's what happened in 2009:

Hot tomorrow: Beauty Trends 2010

What women are looking forward to putting into their shopping bags -- and on their faces.

To make sure you get great, research-backed insight on the beauty trends that are going to dominate the market next year, I spoke to Taya Tomasello, director for Beauty Innovation at leading market research company Mintel. Read my interpretations here:

Hot tomorrow (1): Memory Lane, revisited

Ultra Prestige Beauty on the up?

After La Prairie's $1,000 face cream, Cle de Peau follows with own version.

A couple of years ago, La Prairie went ahead and stirred the ultra rare precious metal platinum into its anti-aging potion called Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, thus creating the then most expensive face cream on earth.

Stream of consciousness about Anna Sui

Anna Sui shows her spring line at the tents.

"British school uniform, marching band. 70s, great  prints. PURPLE PURPLE, cardigans, some belted. A-line dresses, black & white. grey. SHINY SILKY. pinstripes., 7/8 length pants. Shorts suits. SHINY SHINY. British schoolboy uniform. Jackets with great detailing, sequines, colors. Cardis EVERYWHERE. 1930s paperboy suits in chic materials. androgynous and girly. patterm clash. orange. BRIGHT. going all out on GOLD. belted dresses. BRIGHT BRIGHT & subdued colors. shiny vs.

Advice: Look to beauty retailers

HBA panel recommends to consider retailers' needs when creating new products.

"I really recommend putting on your retailers' hat when you create new beauty products." advises Leslie Faust, CEO of oral beauty brand Go Smile at one of today's panels at beauty conference HBA. "Don't just add a new product for the sake of adding something, think about the sales staff (at your retailer) and what you can give them to make their customers happy."

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