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Women rule the World ... Wide Web

“A recent blog post tracker revealed that there are 126 million blogs on the Internet today and 84 percent of social networking sites are dominated by female members — a lot of opportunity to engage.” Virginia C. Drosos, president of global beauty of P&G Beauty & Grooming

If you ask me, this quote from WWD Beauty Summit should be taped to fridges and computer screens. And it should be the torch that lights the way to successfully marketing beauty right now and in the years to come. Because if a whopping 84% of social media networking sites are dominated by women., I'd say: let's market to them in a fun, engaging and, above all, two-sided way.

Yes, I'm very passionate about using the powers of social media to connect with consumers, engage them in meaningful conversations and listen to -- as well as learn from -- what they have to say.

Right now, these are brands that "get social right":

In the mass segment I'm tipping my hat to Yes to Inc. and in the prestige section I feel Bobbi Brown is doing a great job with their Pretty Powerful campaign.

Done right, social media allows up and coming beauty brands to mobilze as many consumers as a well-established brand. For a fraction of the resources of traditional marketing. -- Don't be left behind!

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