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Stream of consciousness about Anna Sui

Anna Sui shows her spring line at the tents.

"British school uniform, marching band. 70s, great  prints. PURPLE PURPLE, cardigans, some belted. A-line dresses, black & white. grey. SHINY SILKY. pinstripes., 7/8 length pants. Shorts suits. SHINY SHINY. British schoolboy uniform. Jackets with great detailing, sequines, colors. Cardis EVERYWHERE. 1930s paperboy suits in chic materials. androgynous and girly. patterm clash. orange. BRIGHT. going all out on GOLD. belted dresses. BRIGHT BRIGHT & subdued colors. shiny vs.

Countdown to New York Fashion Week

Celebrating fashion and style from September 10 to 17.

Designers and fashion editors will decide what we'll be craving for the spring season in 2010. Fashion Week is just around the corner and from September 10 to 17 those tents at Bryant Park will see many a pretty garment.

I will attend the Anna Sui show. Expecting (and hoping for) bright colors, interesting shapes and a celebrity or two in the audience.

Check back in to read my review after next Wednesday (September 16).

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