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Branding Lessons from Brands I Love

Today, I'm excited to share the first edition of "Branding Lessons From the Brands I Love" with you.

For this monthly interview series, I have been talking to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands that have a firm place in my heart and a firm grasp on how to put their products and services front and center of their audiences.

In the hope that my curiosity yields findings that may inspire you and your work, I'm sharing the answers with you.



Jenn Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, co-founders of Rent The Runway, a rapidly growing service that allows its customers to comfortably rent rather than buy dresses -- and who are the reason why you never see me wearing the same thing twice -- answered my questions.

COPYGOLD: What do you do to keep your brand current and relevant to customers?
Jenn & Jenny: The most important thing we do to stay relevant is listen to our customers. Some of our best ideas have come from our members and those are the people that we want to make happy. That’s why from the start we’ve built an amazing team of stylists whose entire job is focused on talking to customers through calls, email, and chat, and learning about who they are and want they want.
C: What are your favorite ways to communicate with your customers and what do you plan on trying out in the future?
J & J: Our 10 stylists are definitely great points of contact for our customers, but there’s also a variety of touch points. A lot of the social networking tools are great because they provide live feedback on how you’re doing. We particularly love facebook where we can see how great all the women look in our dresses, but twitter is also nice for quick reactions. And of course our blog is a great way for us to share some of our favorite trends and style advice and hear more from our customers. As far as the future we’re excited about providing even more content and value for our customers through the blog and on our site.
C: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about building a brand?
J & J: Stay true to who you are and don’t try to be all things to all people. From the start, we’ve been a service focused business where our goal is to make the customer happy. We don’t need to have the most fashionable, most high-tech cutting-edge products; we need to have the products that our customer wants.


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