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Advice: Look to beauty retailers

"I really recommend putting on your retailers' hat when you create new beauty products." advises Leslie Faust, CEO of oral beauty brand Go Smile at one of today's panels at beauty conference HBA. "Don't just add a new product for the sake of adding something, think about the sales staff (at your retailer) and what you can give them to make their customers happy."

Nada Lantz, CEO of cosmetic architects Lantz-a-Lot and panelist, agrees. "You have to really understand your retailers, their environment, their goals." She adds that she takes her research so far that she often knows the retailers better than they know themselves.

Being focussed on the customers' needs is an obvious driver for developing new beauty products, but catering to the retailers makes perfect sense as well. The sales associates on the floor can be your biggest ally -- or someone who may not exactly be your enemy but who isn't very helpful either.

This is how it works: The people who'll sell your new product are the ones you need to sell it to first. They have to be excited enough to take a customer all the way to the corner of the store where your product is gracing the shelves and they have to understand and believe in its claims so they can communicate the beauty benefits effectively. The customer is skeptical -- today more so than ever -- and if she doesn't see a bit of a spark in the sales person's eye, she'll hardly ask for a tester, let alone take the product to the cash register.

Give them that spark. Give them a really great product that's a joy to use -- and a breeze to sell.

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this is a cool news. Thank

this is a cool news. Thank you.

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